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Riding the Hype Cycle of RPA Technology

Accelerating RPA success, scaling beyond siloes, and becoming a hyperautomation organization. RPA, as an intelligent automation technology, has proven its value as a productivity tool, providing greater efficiency and freeing up resources – human and financial – to invest in market-driven initiatives and business objectives. This white paper discusses RPA’s meteoric transition through the hype cycle and its trajectory towards hyperautomation.

Case Study: Youth Non-Profit Modernizes & Migrates to Cloud During Pandemic

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh (BBBSPGH) is the region’s premier evidence-based youth mentoring agency. This non-profit client was just starting to embark on technology investments when the COVID-19 pandemic forced staff to work remotely. Their desire to modernize and equip employees working from home caused them to rethink their strategy and engage CyLumena tomigrate their digital operations and infrastructure to the Cloud. CyLumena, along with IT support from sister firm SDLC

Real-world Learnings Behind Successful Provider-Sponsored Health Plans

Supported content creation and research for white paper: For many health systems, the question isn’t: “Should we launch a provider-sponsored health plan (PSHP)?” The debate is often around how to ensure goals are achieved and how efficiently a plan can scale. For those bold health systems who have already launched their PSHP, the year ahead provides an opportunity for an informed performance assessment and, if necessary, course corrections. Systems that took a wait-and-see approach can now benefit from real-world results and start to move ahead.

Case Study: HITRUST Key to Veda’s Growth Trajectory

Veda provides software solutions to enable organizations to dramatically reduce overhead costs by automating complex business rules for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL); creating a simplified and streamlined experience for everyone involved. Working with many Health Plans, Veda wanted to adopt the HITRUST framework to demonstrate their commitment to the security of their clients’ protected health information.

Using Predictive Analytics in Healthcare to Forecast 87% of Sudden Death Events

Our health plan client had been outsourcing their Medicaid analytics and risk stratification for a particular state. There were concerns regarding the viability of produced results in facilitating effective care management practices. The client needed a way to develop prescriptive paradigms for care management, which embodied predictive abilities that went beyond rule-based stratification of member-specific risks.